Clank !

16 seats
14:15 > 17:15
Main Marquee


  • 16 promotional cards, 1 Meeple Golden Dragon, 1 extension Tressure Engulfed


The notorious tunnels underneath the Dragon Tower are the most dangerous passages in the Kingdom. Only fearless scoundrels can worm their way into them, to steal the Dragon's treasures and hopefully escape alive enough to tell the tale. By accepting the challenge, the thieves will put their doubtful reputations on the line. On their journey, they will hire allies and grab the treasure with their sticky fingers. But beware: one misstep and... CLANK! The noise you make will draw the Dragon's attention. The more treasure is stolen, the angrier he gets! If you ever want to see the light of day again, you will have to be more discrete than your companions...


Origames - Renegade France