Dobble Challenge

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15:00 > 16:00 | 16:00 > 17:00


Dobble, its the family game that give you double vision ! Two years ago, you were 440 to take on our big challenge. A few days later before the Brussels Games Festival, we announced our world-breaking intent. Thanks to your participation, we reached a satisftying number of players for this first edition ! Last year the number of players has increased again and we nearly reached 500 participants playing simultaneously at Dobble ! Asmodee and the Brussels Games Festival associate themselves to take on this challenge ! At the go-ahead, you'll step in a "ring" to clash with the winner of the last round. If you are the first to say the good answer, you continue to play, your opponent will be repalced by another player. The winner is the one who, at the end of the 20 minutes of game, will have won the last duel.