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Asger Harding Granerud Daniel Skjold Pedersen
Markus Erdt


„Nyhavn“ (New Harbor) is famous for its houses with colorful gables along the waterside. The players face the challenge to construct new facades in a way that they fit perfectly into this beautiful harbor scenery


The goal of the game is being the first player to score 12 points or having the most points when the End of Game card is revealed. The players collect cards of different colors from the display, and subsequently exchange them for facade tiles of the same color in different shapes (except white special tiles). These tiles show spaces with windows or brickwork.

Using their tiles, the players construct the facade of their house bit by bit. Each time a floor (row) or a part of the house (column) is completed, the player scores points. A row is worth 1 point, a column 2 points. These points are doubled, if a row or column is made up of windows only (2 points respectively 4 points). When players superstruct a coat of arms or complete certain floors (rows marked by a coat of arms) they gain ability tiles or special tiles, which help to achieve their goal faster.


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