Owly Tribe

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Ludovic Mahieu Matthieu Clamot
Eleanor Ernaelsteen


The Great Owl begins his final journey and soon the Council of Elders will meet to appoint his successor. To lead the Kwatoko owl tribe, you'll have to prove your worth!


In Owly tribe, each player plays as a tribal chief who wants to be called the Great Owl. To do this, it will have to send its champions on missions to different places where they will oppose each other in order to accumulate a maximum of fame.

It will be a question of making the most of the powers available during each of the three game turns in order to win the game!

Are you ready to go? So here we go! Choose a character and grab the dice and corresponding power cards. Draw 4 places and place them in single file in the center of the table! Then, on either side of each place, place 2 totem cards face up.

Roll all your dice! The physical strength of your owl warriors is represented by the value of the dice. Clockwise, starting from the 1st player, each player will place a power on the dream catch. Each time a die of the corresponding value is played by a player, the power will apply.

In turn, the players place a die on the place of their choice... When all the dice have been played, the winner of a place is the one who has the most points in cumulative strength of his warriors. In the event of a tie, they will be cancelled. The winner takes the totem pole segment of his choice, the second the other segment.

All totem segments not won are permanently discarded. Then, the winner of each place solves the effect of that place. The second one doesn't take advantage of it!

To win, you must have the highest number of merit points before the Council of Elders meeting. For this reason, the combination of totem pole symbols is important. Some places also allow you to earn or lose points.


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