Fed up with a daily life that is a little too commonplace and with the daily grind ? We created BeDetectives to bring you adventures around the corner. If we first offer classic or team “murder parties”, where the players embody characters seeking for a culprit among them, we also offer inquires , in Brussels or at home, and huge personalized events for teambuilding and business party. Our scenarios also benefits from the theatrical experience of their designers: turnaround and grand finale as in a real crime novel. Whatever their form, all BeDetectives investigation benefits from the presence of one or several Belgian actors who not only superise the game, but also use their acting skills to immerse participants in these new experiences. So why not go on an adventure ?

At the BGF...

Come to discover our "Murder Party" activity at 3pm on Saturday 24th. You will be able to become a member of the famous Detective Club. But beware : crime is never far away...


Le club des détectives
15:00 > 20:00
Murder Party