Face de bouc

Alena Lebedeva
Nadegda Fedotova

Overzicht - Aankomende vertaling

The funniest blackouts!

Make up a name for the characters as and when they appear: Chubby? Auntie Babs? Mr Watermelon? Bobblehead? Whatever you like! But when a character reappears, remember his name quickly and be the first to shout it out!

•A really simple game which encourages creativity and fun.

•Children will love playing it together and so will parents and children (who often win!)

•Can be played over and over: everyone is sure to laugh out loud every time!

Beschrijving - Aankomende vertaling

A player turns the first card of the deck over and puts it next to it.

Then he invents a name for the character shown on the map. He is free to give it any name he can imagine. (For example, he can be inspired by the appearance of the character: Mr. Watermelon, Cake trunk...)

Once he has announced the name aloud, his neighbour on the left plays: he turns the next card over and stacks it on the already revealed card.

- If it is a new character: the player who drew it invents a name for it.

- If the character has already left: the first player who remembers his name and shouts him wins the entire stack of cards revealed. He places it in front of him with his face visible. In the event of simultaneous identical shouts, the cards remain in place and the next player plays.

Players continue to play clockwise. Everyone stacks their won cards in a single pile in front of them.

As soon as the pickaxe is empty, the game stops. The one with the most cards wins the game!


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