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Overzicht - Aankomende vertaling

What would your emotion be if « Your grandma beats you at a video game? » « Shocked », « Ashamed », « Amused » ? Would you be able to guess your partner's emotion ? Feelinks combines the pleasure of play with the discovery of others. A wonderful way to get to know yourself and the others better. The first 8+ game that uses EMOTIONS as a theme.

Beschrijving - Aankomende vertaling

A situation is chosen by a player and read aloud. Then each player is invited to secretely select, among the 8 visible emotions of the round, the one that he/she feels closest to. Next, the team are randomly made and the players must wager on his/her partner’s emotion. A new emotion’s card is shuffled and a next round can start. The aim of the game is to correctly guess one’s partner’s emotion. The Emotion Track will reveal the insight and understanding of the other players.

More than a simple game: a way to create dialog and to get to know yourself and others! How well do you know your friends and family ?


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