Voor iedereen
wolfgang warsch
Weberson Santiago

Overzicht - Aankomende vertaling

You play a group of adventurers on the Mont Fuji road, the famous Japanese volcano. But just before reaching the goal, the earth begin to shake and the volcano erupt ! Your group now have to runaway as fast as possible and to get safe in the village.

In this cooperative game, players will roll their dice behind their screen each turn; they will have to use them as best as possible to browse the different maps that form the way back to the village. But to go on a map it is necessary that the dice fulfill certain conditions better than those of your neighbors! And as you only know the value of your dice and the communication between team members is summary, you will need a little luck and tactics not to perish!

An original mechanics to serve a game with an immersive theme where tension is omnipresent!


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