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Shintaro Ono

Overzicht - Aankomende vertaling

Imagination has no limits!

60 transparent cards with shapes or symbols are at your disposal and at the service of your imagination to make other players guess one of the enigmas (movies, places, objects, characters...). Overlay, assemble or animate cards!

Express yourself, anything is possible!

Beschrijving - Aankomende vertaling

Preparation: Place all the transparent cards on the game table, in a large circle. Shuffle and stack the Enigma cards.

Game turn:

In turn, the player will make the others guess an enigma. He draws an Enigma card. Another random player announces a number between 1 and 8, which tells him the enigma to guess on his card.

He then announces aloud the clue of the enigma (indicated by the red symbol).

He then tries to make his enigma guess by placing all the transparent cards of his choice in the playing area. He can arrange them, assemble them, stack them and even move them as he wishes to get the players on track.

Be careful, if all means are good to be understood, the player cannot speak or make noise, represent a letter or a number, mimic with his fingers (but he is allowed to hide a part of a card with his fingers).

The other players can make any suggestions they wish, as soon as the first card is placed. The first player to guess the enigma and the player who placed the cards each win 1 point: they take a chip in front of them.

There is no time limit. If after a period of time left to the discretion of the players, no one finds the enigma, the game turn ends and no one wins a point.

For the next round, the transparent cards used are put back into the circle and it is up to the next player, in a clockwise direction, to guess a new enigma.

The game ends when each player has guessed 2 riddles. The player with the most points is the overall winner.


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