La Salsa des Oeufs

toegankelijkheid :
Roberto Fraga

Overzicht - Aankomende vertaling

This is the eggphoria!

In this high-powered game, roll the dice and react quickly to win the egg on the egg cup. Wedge it under the chin, under the arm, between the knees ... and try to continue until you have 5 eggs. Watch out for the omelette!

Beschrijving - Aankomende vertaling

Players must react quickly according to the indications of a dice to take an egg. The first one with 5 eggs wins.

1-Throw the Actions dice and do what it says quickly (scream, take a pose...).

2-If you are the fastest, take the egg from the egg cup.

3-Throw the white dice and pinch the egg as you can! In the neck, between the knees...

A crazy and hilarious game that kids love!


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