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toegankelijkheid :
Aya & Shun Taguchi
Patricia Limberger

Overzicht - Aankomende vertaling

The world of Skylands was destroyed and now only floating parts remain. However, by using their mystic skills, the inhabitants can rebuild their home world. By successfully harnessing the energies of the woods, mountains and crystal regions to create new islands and supply energy to their cities.

Beschrijving - Aankomende vertaling

Each player creates their own world of islands by placing island tiles on their player board. They create new islands made entirely of woods, mountains, crystals or cities that generate victory points and can be used for actions. There are 4 possible actions in the game, and the special feature of these is that not only the active player performs the actions, but their fellow players as well. However, the active player gains an advantage. By utilizing the actions, the players will place new island tiles, deploy

inhabitants on islands, create special island parts, and generate victory points to be scored at the end of the game. The game ends after one player has covered the penultimate square on their board, when the supply of islands is exhausted or when all victory point markers have been taken. Then, the final scoring takes place, and the player with the most victory points (VP‘s) is the winner of the game!


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